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Porn filters fail, but Truple doesn't.

Protect loved ones by monitoring device usage via randomly captured screenshots.
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Why filters fail:

1. Loopholes

Web filters are full of loopholes, easily accessible by the youngest child. Proxies, direct ip connections, offline content, etc are all ways commonly used to bypass internet filters.

Filters are an old, outdated technology that never actually protected kids in the first place. If they did we wouldn't see such rampant problems today.

2. Filters don't block individual images and videos

Filters work by blocking the entire website, not individual photos and videos. They fail entirely when an "acceptable" site contains harmful content. Social media is exactly that. First exposure to porn and other harmful content almost always starts on social media.

Truple monitors social media sites by sharing randomly captured screenshots of their device with you.

3. No preparation for real world

Filters try to bubble wrap your child so they avoid harmful content. The protection fails though, and your child is left unprepared for the real world.

Truple prepares your child for the real world by allowing you to coach them to responsible internet use.

4. Annoying to use

Filters require constant upkeep and maintenance. Necessary sites for work or school will regularly be blocked. New, problematic sites will be found. Its a never-ending battle to keep up.

Truple focuses on the root of the problem by enabling you to easily monitor what your child is doing online.
Kids want freedom.
You want good decisions.

With Truple, you get both.
Truple gives you real, transparent, insight into your child's online activities, enabling you to ensure they're making appropriate choices.

With the ability to identify and correct any issues early on, you can prevent a minor exposure to harmful content from developing into a lifelong problem.
How Truple works:

1. Screenshots are captured

Truple captures screenshots at random. The randomness makes it impossible to predict when one will be captured. Our AI algorithm scans the screenshots for sexual content, flagging any that it finds.
* Not available on iOS

2. Websites are tracked

Truple records websites as they're visited. Pornographic sites are flagged, and can optionally trigger alerts.
* Limited availability, see the features page for supported platforms

3. Screen time recorded

Truple monitors screen time, and breaks down how the device is being used on an app by app and hour by hour basis, making it easy to identify when and how adult content is accessed.
* Limited availability, see the features page for supported platforms

4. Reports sent

Review reports to ensure pornography and other harmful content isn't being viewed. If a problem is found, you can course correct quickly before lasting harm is done.
Other details

Configurable Privacy

Grant your child privacy as they mature, by enabling text redaction or image blurring.

End-to-end Encryption

Truple's end-to-end encryption ensures you (and only you) control access to your child's reports.

Truple works on desktops, laptops, and mobile.

Protection for all the devices in your home.

Android 5+

Windows 7-11

Mac OS

Chrome OS


Kindle Fire
* Not all features supported across all platforms. Review the features page for more info.
Annual Plan
$13.33  / month
billed $160 / year
Monthly Plan
$16.00  / month
billed monthly
Monitoring for all devices within a single family household.
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30 day money back guarantee
The best app for family accountability
- Miranda S
This app is better than any other accountability app out there
- Matthew U

Protection for the entire family

With Truple, you can virtually "peek" over your child's shoulder & course-correct as needed.
No other app provides complete protection from all dangers on the internet.
  • pornography
  • sexting
  • excessive screen time
  • interest in self harm (suicidal) content
  • cyber-bullying
  • sites that try to steal your information
  • grooming by human traffickers
  • violence
  • mature video games
64% of young people ages 13-24 actively seek out pornography weekly
0 h
Teens average 9 hours of screen time each day
93% of boys, and 62% of girls encounter internet pornography during adolescence.
40% of all teens have sexted
15% of high school students are bullied each year
* Due to constraints imposed by Apple, we are not able to offer our comprehensive parenting solution on iPhones... in fact, no one can. We strongly recommend you get your child an android device so you can better parent them online.