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Defeat porn online filth with Screenshot Accountability

Truple captures screenshots & web history, analyzes for content, then reports to a trusted friend.
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Quit porn

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94% of our customers report a significant decrease in temptation
Truple helps you quit porn by:
Reducing temptation by preventing you from viewing porn in secret
Reporting your progress to your accountability partner

Randomly captured screenshots

Internet filters and web history tracking apps are helpful, but are easily bypassed and difficult for accountability partners to understand. Truple fixes this by randomly capturing & sharing what's on your screen. The loopholes are closed, and accountability partners can easily understand what was viewed.
* Due to constraints imposed by Apple, we are not able to offer screenshot accountability on iOS, resorting to filtering and web history tracking.

End-to-End Encrypted

Truple is the only accountability app to offer end-to-end encryption along with HTTPS and AES encryption. This means you (& only you) control access to your data.

Sensitive information redacted

You should choose an accountability partner you trust, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain some privacy. Truple is highly configurable and allows you to maintain the level of privacy you desire. You can redact text, blur images, and even block out banking information.

Protect your family

With Truple, you can virtually "peek" over your child's shoulder & course-correct as needed.
Truple helps parents be present in their childs online life, by monitoring & reporting how they use their electronic devices.
  • pornography
  • sexting
  • excessive screen time
  • interest in self harm (suicidal) content
  • cyber-bullying
  • sites that try to steal your information
  • grooming by human traffickers
  • violence
  • mature video games
64% of young people ages 13-24 actively seek out pornography weekly
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Teens average 9 hours of screen time each day
93% of boys, and 62% of girls encounter internet pornography during adolescence.
40% of all teens have sexted
15% of high school students are bullied each year
* Due to constraints imposed by Apple, we are not able to offer our comprehensive parenting solution on iPhones... in fact, no one can. We strongly recommend you get your child an android device so you can better parent them online.

Web History Tracking

View websites visited in chronological order. High risk sites are flagged, and can optionally trigger immediate alerts.
* Limited availability, see the features page for supported platforms

Screen & App Time

Truple's reports break down screen time by hour of day, giving clear insight into how often and when the device is being used.
* Limited availability, see the features page for supported platforms

Truple works on desktops, laptops, and mobile.

Protection for all the devices in your home.

Android 5+

Windows 7-11

Mac OS

Chrome OS


Kindle Fire
* Not all features supported across all platforms. Review the features page for more info.
Annual Plan
$13.33  / month
billed $160 / year
Monthly Plan
$16.00  / month
billed monthly
Monitoring for all devices within a single family household.
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30 day money back guarantee
I now avoid anything questionable with ease.
- Elias McAndee
I feel safer on my phone than I do in my street
- Guard Your Eyes
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